Toran Prichard
Toran 1x06
General Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Farmer
Portrayed by: Sam Spruell

Toran Prichard is a main character in FX's The Bastard Executioner. He is a strong but cynical Welsh farmer. Toran is Wilkin's closest friend. He is forever loyal to his countrymen and will fight at whatever cost to protect them from noble abuses of power. He is the husband of Eva Prichard and the father of Rhys Prichard.

Toran Prichard is played by Sam Spruell, and debuts in the Pilot.


Season OneEdit

"Pilot, Part 1"Edit

Toran and many others come up to Wilkin to tell him about how the tax collectors are coming again and that they want to take action against them. Toran and the others attempt to convince Wilkin and eventually succeed. They go to a place where a collector is camped. They kill all the guards and tell the collector to report back to his lord to tell him to stop raising the taxes.

"Pilot, Part 2"Edit


"Effigy / Delw"Edit


"A Hunger / Newyn"Edit


"Piss Profit / Proffidwyr Troeth"Edit


"Thorns / Drain"Edit


"Broken Things / Pethau Toredig"Edit



Season 1 appearances
"Pilot, Part 1" "Pilot, Part 2" "Effigy / Delw" "A Hunger / Newyn" "Piss Profit / Proffidwyr Troeth"
"Thorns / Drain" "Behold the Lamb / Gweled yr Oen" "Broken Things / Pethau Toredig" "The Bernadette Maneuver / Cynllwyn Bernadette" "Blood and Quiescence / Crau a Chwsg"