Season 1 of The Bastard Executioner premiered on September 15, 2015 on FX and concluded on November 17, 2015. The season consisted of 10 episodes.


"Pilot, Part 1" & "Pilot, Part 2"Edit

Wilkin Brattle, a warrior knight in the charge of King Edward I, trades his sword for a peaceful farming life — until the violence of his past finds him and forces him to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.

"Effigy / Delw"Edit

When an unlikely suspect is charged with treason, Wilkin must carry out his duties as the new executioner.

"A Hunger / Newyn"Edit

Lady Love journeys to Windsor to learn the fate of Ventrishire from King Edward II. Back at Castle Ventris, Milus and company welcome a visit from Baron Pryce.

"Piss Profit / Proffidwyr Troeth"Edit

The King's right hand visits Ventrishire on official Royal business. Milus enlists Wilkin to go on a covert mission to retrieve a valuable artifact.

"Thorns / Drain"Edit

Wilkin and Toran encounter a new timeline for their revenge. Lady Love gets a surprise visit from an unlikely ally.

"Behold the Lamb / Gweled yr Oen"Edit

Wilkin and Lady Love come to grips with condemning an innocent man to death.

"Broken Things / Pethau Toredig"Edit

Wilkin, Milus and Toran team up to hunt down a fugitive.

"The Bernadette Maneuver / Cynllwyn Bernadette"Edit

Ventrishire encounters an old French foe as Wilkin learns new insight into his holy destiny.

"Blood and Quiescence / Crau a Chwsg"Edit

Wilkin and Milus lead an unlikely band of brothers on a life-threatening rescue mission.


Title Writer(s) Air Date U.S. Viewers
1 "Pilot, Part 1" Kurt Sutter September 15, 2015 2.12 Million
2 "Pilot, Part 2" Kurt Sutter September 15, 2015 2.12 Million
3 "Effigy / Delw" Kurt Sutter
Charles Murray
Nichole Beattie
September 22, 2015 1.09 Million
4 "A Hunger / Newyn" Curtis Gwinn September 29, 2015 1.26 Million
5 "Piss Profit / Proffidwyr Troeth" Roberto Patino October 6, 2015 1.12 Million
6 "Thorns / Drain" John Barcheski
Kurt Sutter
October 13, 2015 0.94 Million
7 "Behold the Lamb / Gweled yr Oen" Carly Wray
Kurt Sutter
October 20, 2015 0.83 Million
8 "Broken Things / Pethau Toredig" Ryan Scott
Kurt Sutter
November 3, 2015 1.08 Million
9 "The Bernadette Maneuver / Cynllwyn Bernadette" Roberto Patino
Curtis Gwinn
Kurt Sutter
November 10, 2015 0.82 Million
10 "Blood and Quiescence / Crau a Chwsg" Kurt Sutter November 17, 2015 0.87 Million



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