Lowry Aberffraw Ventris
Lady Love 1x10
General Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Baroness
Portrayed by: Flora Spencer-Longhurst

Lowry Aberffraw Ventris is a main character in FX's The Bastard Executioner. She was born into Welsh nobility. Lady Love is as beautiful and kind as she is cunning, though her sympathy for her countrymen often conflicts with her noble rule over her fiefdom, Ventrishire.

Lowry Aberffraw Ventris is played by Flora Spencer-Longhurst, and debuts in the Pilot.


Season OneEdit

"Pilot, Part 1"Edit

Lady Love has sexual intercourse with Baron Erik Ventris. When they are done, Erik tells her that it is unlikely that she'll get pregnant. She tells him that the gods will give them a child. Erik leaves and her handmaiden, Isabel Kiffin comes in. She asks her if she wants a bath. Lady Love tells her that she wants more than a bath and ends up going into the ocean with Isabel.

Later, Lady Love hears the report from Jonas about the people who killed a number of Erik's men. Erik and the others quickly figure out who attacked and go off to attack them. Lady Love stays behind.

"Pilot, Part 2"Edit


"Effigy / Delw"Edit


"A Hunger / Newyn"Edit


"Piss Profit / Proffidwyr Troeth"Edit


"Thorns / Drain"Edit


"Behold the Lamb / Gweled yr Oen"Edit



Season 1 appearances
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